All bookings are made with Authentic Global Travel Pty Ltd (ABN 23624982510) trading as Country Food Trails (“we/us”). By booking a trip with us you are deemed to have agreed to these booking conditions (which constitutes the entire agreement between you and us) and your booking will be accepted by us on this basis. The services to be provided are those referred to in your booking confirmation Invoice.


Dates and itineraries are indicative only and are subject to the availability of destinations and other third-party providers.  


Tickets are purchased upfront in advance of your attendance on any tour. Tickets are purchased via a third party provided, bookinghound.com.  This third-party provider has its own terms and conditions of use which you should consider prior to completing the transaction. Information about Booking Hound is available here: https://www.bookinghound.com  


 You may buy more than one ticket for a tour to allows others to attend the tour with you. You, the party purchasing the tickets, bear the responsibility of compliance with our terms and conditions.  We recommend that you discuss the same with the other members of the group on whose behalf you are purchasing the tickets.  As a prerequisite to participating in the tour, your tour guide will require that each individual member of the group that is an adult, and guardian on behalf of minors, executes a waiver.  This will be provided to you and others in person prior to the commencement of the tour and you will receive an electronic version for early distribution with confirmation of your booking. A copy of our waiver can be found on our website at www.countryfoodtrails.com.au 


Our trip prices are subject tvariable and seasonal pricing, both of which arstandard practice within the travel industry. This means our trip prices mavarat any time in accordance with demand, markeconditions and availability. It may be the case that different participants in the same tour have been charged different prices.  Anreduced pricing or discounts that may become available after you have paid for your tickets will not be made available. If you wish tcancel your booking ttake advantage of a cheaper price, full cancellation conditions apply.  The most up to date pricing is available on our website. A surcharge may be applied to all purchases made by credit card, subject to the terms of the third-party providers.  All prices quoted by us are in Australian Dollars 


For us tconfirm your travel arrangements you must provide all requested details and the details of all the parties to you group on whose behalf you purchased tickets.  Necessary details varby trip; they include but are not limited to full name, contact details and any pre-existing medical conditions, including allergies and dietary requirements,  you have which maaffect your ability tcompletthe arrangements subject to your tourFailurto provide requested details maresult in additional charges or non-refundable cancellation of your trip. 


If you cancel some or all portions of your booking, cancellation fees will apply. A cancellation will only be effective when wreceive written confirmation of the cancellation. If you cancel a trip:  

Walking Tours: 

       i. 21 days or more prior to the date of the tour, full refund  (less $10 administration fee)

      ii. between 0 and 21 days prior to the date of the tour, no refund is provided 

 Driving Tours: 

       i. 28 days or more prior to the date of the tour,  full refund (less $10 administration fee)

       ii. between 21 and 28 days prior to the date of the tour, 50% refund (less $10 administration fee)

      iii.  between 0 and 21 days prior to the date of the tour, no refund is provided  

You arstrongly advised ttake out cancellation insurance at the time of booking which will cover cancellation fees. If you leave a tour for anreason after it has commenced, we are not obliged to make anrefunds for unused services. 

If you fail to join a tour, join it after departure, or leave it prior to its completion, no refund will be made. The abovcancellation costs are in addition tthose which may be levied by third-party tour and transport operator fees.                                                          

If you are required to cancel your bookings due to Covid restrictions implied by the governemnt, we will issue a refund or happily offer a credit.


We macancel a tour at any time up before departure, subject to clause 14 which provides for an immediate cancellation during a tour in certain circumstancesWe macancel a tour at any time prior to departure if, due tterrorism, natural disasters, political instabilitypandemic, or other external events it is not viable for us to operate the planned itinerary. If wcancel your trip, you can transfer amounts paid to an alternate departure date or receive a full refund. In circumstances where the cancellation is due texternal events outside our reasonable control refunds will be less any unrecoverable costs, including an administrative fee for managing the tour to the time of cancelation capped at $100For example, poor weather may prevent a tour from taking place. We will follow the direction of the government and authorities insofar as proceeding with the tour on the scheduled date. We are not responsible for any incidental expenses thayou may have incurred because of your booking including but not limited ttravel expenses, accommodation, and similar such expenses. 


Country Food Trails may offer complimentary pickup and drop off services (within 10 km of Orange town limits) for certain tours. Please note it is your responsibility to be waiting out the front of your selected pickup location (accommodation provider) at least 5 minutes before departure. Failure to wait out the front of your selected location may result in the tour guide being unable to locate you, causing failure to load. We cannot be held responsible for this and clause 7 herein shall apply in circumstances in which you fail to join a tour for this reason. 

It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the tour details on their confirmation are correct and the contact details they have provided are up to date. It may be necessary for Country Food Trails to contact passengers regarding the tour prior to departure date. We recommend providing a mobile number and checking your email regularly prior to your tour.  


Minimum Age: 

For most of our trips the minimum age is 15 years. All travellers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian, or in lieu of legal guardian, by an escort over the age of 18, appointed by their legal guardian. The legal guardian or their designee will be responsible for the traveller under the age of 18s dato day care.  If a legal guardian elects to designate an escort in their lieu, they will be required tcomplete and sign a relevant document, to delegate their authority.  

If you wish to book a tour with children, please select the tailored tour option and we will customise the perfect day tour.  


A minimum age of 18 applies tmost tours given the inclusion of alcohol as a fundamental element of the tour.  Should alcohol or similar such adult activities be fundamental to the tour, then we reserve our rights to check, and take photocopies of proof of age identification.  All participates shall be required to sign confirmation of their age in the form of the waiver provided prior to the commencement of the tour. 

Medical and Allergies: 

Wcan provide details on mandatory health requirements; howeverwe are not medical experts. It is your responsibility to ensure thayou obtain proper and detailed medical advice prior tthe tour for the latest health requirements and recommendations for the nature of the activities to be undertaken on the tour. In participating with a tour with us, you warrant that you are medically fit to do so, having considered the rigors of the tour you are to take. Included in this responsibility is the onus upon you to inform us of any allergies you may have to ensure that we inform the third-party providers.  It may be the case that certain allergies prevent participation in actives in a tour, or the tour itself. 

Following the Direction of Authorities: 

You should not participate in a tour if you feel unwell.  We will reasonably comply with all directions from the government and authorities in relation to the health and safety of tour group participants, however, you also bear the responsibility of compliance with these reasonable directions, which includes complete disclosure of any medical issues which may affect other participants of a tour.  We reserve the right to eject you from the tour in the event on non-compliance with this essential condition.  


Often, enjoying alcohol will be the basis of our tour.  We do not take any responsibility for the behavior of the participants in the tour group.  The service of alcohol shall be, always, within the control of third-party providers, including, but not limited to vineyards, breweries, pubs, restaurants or similar such venues.  


Travel insurance is not mandatorfor participants in our tours.  However, given the activities undertaken during our tours, we strongly recommend that travel insurance be taken out at the time of booking. Your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, and emergency repatriationWe also strongly recommend it covercancellation, curtailment, personal liability and loss of luggage and personal effects. Whilst it is difficult, we recommend you make enquiries about pandemics and the effect of the same on your insurance policy.   


You appreciate and acknowledge that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and you should allow for alternatives. The itinerary provided for each trip is representative of the types of activities contemplated, but it is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events. 


Our group tours are run by a guide. The decision of the guide is final on all matters likely taffect the safety 

or well-being of antour participant or staff member participating in the trip. If you fall tcomply with a decision made by a guide or interfere with the well-being or mobility of the group, the guide may direct you to leave the trip immediately, with no right of refund. We may also elect not tcarryou on any future trips booked. You musalways comply with the laws, customs, and drug and alcohol regulations of all venues visited.  


You acknowledge that the nature of the tour is adventurous, and participation involves a degree of personal risk. The tours do require travel which can present risks, be it walking through a field or travelling in a bus on a backroad. Also, you may be experiencing different foods for the first time which may expose you to the risk of an allergic reaction.  Tour participants will be consuming alcohol on tours which may affect their behaviour, or your own.  You may become intoxicated on a tour. We attempt to provide as much information as possible about the tours we provide, however, elements change from time to time without notice to us. It is also your own responsibility to acquainyourself with all relevant information. You acknowledge thayour decision tparticipate in a tour is made in light of consideration of this information and you accept thayou araware of the personal riskassociated with the tours we provide from time to time.  


Wcontract with a network of companies, government agencies and individuals to assist in the running of our tours as agenfor these third parties. We are not responsible for the acts and omissions of these third parties.  

To the fullesextent permitted by law:  

i. any liability for antoss, death, injury, or damage which you may suffer (directly or indirectly) in connection with or arising out of your participation in a trip, or any breach of these terms and conditions, is excluded. 

ii. you release us and our officers, employees, agents and representatives from any liability and expressly waive any claims you may have against us arising out of or in connection with your participation in a tour; and 

iii. ancondition or warranty which would otherwise be implied by law into these terms and conditions (Implied Warranty), is excluded.  

To the extent an implied warranty cannot be excluded, our liability in respect of the implied warranty is limited to (in our absolute discretion):  

iiii. the provision of a similartourto an equivalenvalue; or ii. a refund of the total amounreceived by us from you in connection with your booking. 

Any claim byou is excluded to the extent that it is for indirect or consequential loss, loss of profits or economic loss, how– ever it arises, or for indirect, special, punitive, or exemplary damages.   


If you have a complaint about your trip please inform your group leader or our local representative at the time in order that thecan attempt trectify the matter. If satisfaction is not reached through these means, then any further complaint should be put in writing to us within 30 days of the end of the tour otherwise it can become difficult for us to address concerns with third-party providers. 


In the event that anterm or condition contained in these booking conditions is unenforceable or void by operation of law or as being against public policy or for any other reason than such term or condition shall be deemed to be severed from this contractor amended accordingly only to such extent necessary to allow all remaining terms and conditions to survive and continue as binding.  


You consento us using images of you taken during the tour for advertising and promotional purposes in any medium we choose. You grant us a perpetual, royalty free, worldwide, irrevocable licence to use such images for publicity and promotional purposes.  

You further release and indemnify us from any loss, damage, costs, expense, or claim arising out of the use of images of you including action for defamation, libelous material, breach of privacy and/or copyright. 


Any personal information thawcollect about you may be used for any purpose associated with the operation of a tour or to send you marketing material in relation to our events and special offers. The information may be disclosed to our agents, service providers or other supplierto enable us to operate the Trip. We will otherwise treayour details in accordance with the privacy laws of Australia unless other laws apply.  Please consider our privacy policy which is available on our website at www.countryfoodtrails.com.au  


i. A $200 security bond is required for all picnics. The bond is 100% refundable upon pack up and assessment of props.

ii. In the event of unfavourable weather, we recommend you have a back-up plan for your picnic location. Rescheduling is possible if more than 7 days notice is given (dependent upon availability).


Vouchers are valid for two years and can be redeemed for tours or picnics. Not redeemable for cash.


The laws of New South Wales, Australia fully govern these booking conditions. Any disputes in connection with a trip or these booking conditions must be initiated in the courts of New South Wales, Australia.