2024 Australian National Bridge Championships 6-18 July 2024 in Orange

Travel day: Friday July 5th, 2024

Experience a serene journey to Orange, where you can indulge in delicious local fare for breakfast, alongside refreshing drinks, including Orange ‘bubbles’, served by the welcoming hosts Pam and her daughter Eleanor. Delight in the flavours of the region and explore why Orange is gaining recognition as a vibrant food and wine destination.

Embark on a unique rail adventure exclusively available to guests of The Bridge Train. Engage with Pam and Eleanor to learn more about the picturesque Orange region, and receive an informative pack detailing key attractions and activities. Whether you’re seeking advice on local highlights or simply looking to relax and enjoy a game

NB: Please note that return travel arrangements must be made independently. Choose your return travel and make those arrangements for yourselves – (eg: train, plane, or bus), ensuring your departure from Orange is seamlessly organized.

The Western XPT train will leave Sydney’s Central Station at 7.19am on Friday July 5th, 2024 – arriving in Orange at about 12midday. (There are other stations it stops at and can pick up from, through Sydney and the Mountains. Let me know when you book.)

Cost: $195 per person  – includes train to Orange, breakfast and a complimentary glass of ‘bubbles’.